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Speech Link

This innovative, easy to use package takes the stress out of identifying and working with children who have developmental speech difficulties. Children with speech problems are at greater risk of developing literacy difficulties making early identification essential. Traditionally seen as ‘specialist’ intervention, Speech Link demystifies speech helping support staff work effectively with a child’s common speech errors.


The quick, engaging screen is used to identify the speech sounds that need support and will also alert staff to children who may need more specialist help from Speech and Language Therapists.


21 age appropriate speech programmes with over 500 resources are included. Each programme comes with clear instructions for support staff and materials for parents to encourage for home practice.


Two online training modules cover how sounds are produced and show examples of Speech and Language Therapists working through speech programmes.

Speech games screenshot

Help support early phonics with Speech Link’s five interactive online graded listening activities.

“I can’t imagine a world without Speech Link; it’s fantastic!”

– SLT Manager, Kent.

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