The Bercow Report (2008), brought to light the importance of putting in place system-wide approaches to help increase understanding and awareness of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). A key part of this is making training for staff widely available. Sadly the report found that 65% of school staff did not feel confident that they had the skills to support children with SLCN, with 81% feeling that they would benefit from training in this area.

Practitioners should feel confident in supporting the children they work with and the excitement of seeing pupils making progress and connecting with their teaching is a main positive of being in their role (DfE, X). The wish to progress their skills and knowledge is often cited to be a large draw of remaining within the education profession.

However, many teachers report that during initial teacher training little time is either available or dedicated to recognising and supporting special educational needs. Speech and language skills are fundamental to learning and success at school yet very few early career teachers report they have had any specific training for working with students with SLCN.