Helping your child

Speech and language skills are absolutely fundamental to our wellbeing and success in life. We use these skills constantly to communicate our wants and needs to others, to collaborate and negotiate, and to build strong bonds with other people. We use our talking to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. So, building good speech and language skills at home is really important.

We know that parents do not cause their children’s speech and language difficulties. We also know they can do a tremendous amount to help their child overcome them.

The Speech & Language Link Parent Portal

Speech Link and Language Link are used in schools across the UK to identify difficulties with talking and listening. A speech or a language assessment is not a test or exam that is passed or failed. Our assessments are designed to be fun to do and they’re all about targeting help where it is needed. A school will find out what they can do to help and whether additional specialist support from a speech and language therapist is recommended.

We believe parents should be central to any support and that’s why we have created our Parent Portal for families. This award-winning site was created by our speech and language therapists to give families access to clear information about speech and language as well as practical resources.