If you have concerns about any aspect of a child’s speech, language or communication, we recommend contact with a local speech and language therapist. They will provide expert advice and conduct a thorough assessment of individual students where appropriate.

Discussions may focus on pre-referral queries or guidance as to where to go next in supporting a pupil in your school. Using our Speech Link & Language Link screening assessment results and reports, and the outcome of one round of our intervention programmes, can really help to facilitate this discussion.

Our Speech & Language Link packages aim to support speech and language therapists in schools and many therapists use these packages to manage their caseloads ensuring they see the pupils who most need their help.

Local speech and language therapy services are under tremendous pressure. Contacting your local NHS speech and language therapy service can help you to understand waiting times and local processes.

If you want to find an independent therapist to work in your school, a good place to start is the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP).