Supporting local authorities

A recent report, commissioned by the National Literacy Trust (NLT) in collaboration with KPMG UK (Feb 2024), found that there are about 106,000 five-year-old children in England each year who are not currently meeting the expected standard for literacy but could with adequate support.

The report estimates the long-term cost of insufficient literacy skills to be £7,800 per child on average. Two-fifths of the 106,000 children who could have been meeting expected literacy standards with the right support live in deprived areas. “We know that experiencing poverty has a huge effect on a child’s early communication, language and literacy skills, and that this will have consequences for their learning, their confidence, their wellbeing, and their ability to thrive for the rest of their lives,” said NLT CEO, Jonathan Douglas.

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd has been gathering data since 2004 and, from 2020, reporting on the receptive language levels of children on entry to school. Read our latest report here.

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