Speech and Language Audit Tool

Our Speech and Language Audit Tool enables primary schools to evaluate their staffs’ levels of knowledge and skills in supporting pupils with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) and assess the efficacy of their communication and environment.

The most effective way for schools to enable all students to reach their full potential is to follow a whole school approach.

The Speech & Language Link whole school approach to SLCN ensures that the needs of every child (however mild) are identified and supported as early as possible.

Our packages enable this by providing schools with assessments and interventions for your students and training for your staff so that they are equipped to recognise and support SLCN in the classroom.

Our Speech and Language Audit Tool allows primary schools to evaluate the level of knowledge and skills of their staff in supporting pupils with SLCN via a set of questionnaires. By the end of the audit, you will have individual and overall scores across three areas – Knowledge, Communication and Environment – and will be provided with a tailored action plan to help you to develop your staff’s skills and your whole school approach to SLCN.