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Infant & Junior Language Link

Written by speech and language therapists, our award winning online packages combine standardised assessments, targeted evidence based interventions with measured outcomes and over 500 resources for teachers and parents. This specialist knowledge provides clear advice for teachers when deciding whether a child needs to be seen by a SaLT or supported with a programme in class and helps ensure no-one is missed or misdiagnosed.

Speech Link and Language Link are established in 4,000 primary schools throughout the UK. 150,000 assessments have been completed this year. That’s a lot of data for inspection reports.

And that’s not all! Our dedicated help desk of SaLTs, teachers and teaching assistants are there to support schools every step of the way.

Behaviour, literacy or language? Find out with Language Link

What results can schools expect?

Children made on average 5 months’ extra progress, beyond what would be expected due to maturation, after following 12 weekly half-hour Language Link group intervention sessions. 93% of staff surveyed (sample 962) reported using Language Link had made a positive difference to their children with 71% reporting they had changed the way they worked with the children.

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“It’s a super weapon to add to your Wave 1 assessments, it helps you to identify language needs early and rapidly.”

– K. Bennet, SENCO, St. Dunstan’s Primary School

Award Winning

ERA Award Winner - Infant Language Link and Junior Language Link

Junior Language Link WINNER 2018

Infant Language Link WINNER 2019


“Highly impressed – the platform not only offers opportunities to track and trace student progress, but also provides well-designed suggestions and strategies for teacher intervention.”

“This initiative has had a very positive impact on the language and communication of Braeburn children… Early years GLD outcomes improved by 50% from 2016 to 2018.”

V Logan, Exec HT, Braeburn Primary, Scarborough

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