Why a joined-up whole school approach to SLCN is important

Much attention has been paid recently to supporting children’s language on school entry, and this is undoubtedly very welcome. However, many language difficulties can remain hidden in early years.

As children move through school and language demands increase with the curriculum, underlying language difficulties can undermine literacy development, attainment, and wellbeing. Language development also takes time, and problems with developing higher-level and complex language skills may not become apparent until children are older. This means that it is essential to continue to monitor children’s language development throughout the infant, junior and secondary years.

Without this, there is a risk of missing or misidentifying children’s needs and valuable time can be lost, for example managing behaviour, when the underlying need is for language support.

Modular system of support

This is why our speech and language team created the Speech and Language Link modular system of support, which flexibly meets the needs of your school.

Each Speech and Language Link package includes training, assessment, intervention and Help Desk support and all packages work together to collate your data and resources, creating a joined-up approach to SLCN within your school.

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To facilitate use of the support packages and to help staff develop their understanding of SLCN. Train all users at no extra charge.

Help Desk (BETT Award finalist)

Support that goes above and beyond, our famously friendly Help Desk and dedicated team of speech and language therapists helps tie everything together for you.


Standardised and norm-referenced screening highlights where extra help may be needed and suggests discussion with a therapist where appropriate.

Standardised with the University of Cambridge


Plans and resources for classroom, targeted small group and 1 to 1 activities are included, all built on sound speech and language therapy approaches.


Hundreds of full colour pdfs are available in each support package, providing a resource for every intervention activity.

ERA Award Winner

Working with Parents

Activities for parents and carers to do with their children are included and all subscribers get continuing free access to our award winning SLCN Parent Portal.

Measuring Progress

Easily accessible data are presented for individual students, classes, and year groups, allowing you to track progress and impact effectively.

Teach Primary Awards 2020

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