The SEND Network is a new, expert-led, digital community for SEND professionals.

Created by the people behind the flagship Tes SEND show, the SEND Network operates as both a resource and a private social platform.

The site has been over a year in the making and is built around an understanding of the SEND profession, including the greatest demands and challenges faced by the sector.

The SEND Network provides a mediated platform for SEND professionals to share their experiences in a bid to alleviate the pressures felt by SENCos through content and discussions around best practice.

Discussion rooms allow for conversations between professionals to share thoughts and ideas and offer support to peers.

Celebrating the work of SEND professionals is fundamental to the site, with users encouraged to make a visible profile and network with their peers.

It also provides an opportunity to interact with content through leaving comments on articles to spark conversations with experts and peers.

New content is uploaded every week and includes articles from our portfolio of education titles, such as SecEd, Head Teacher, Children and Young People Now and Music Teacher.

Content is optimised for mobile, meaning it can be used as a pocket resource, a reference point of best practice and a friendly reminder of the thriving SEND community.

All content provided on the network is tagged and categorised under the four broad areas of need:

1) Communication and interaction

2) Sensory and physical needs

3) Social, emotional and mental health and cognition

4) Learning

Most of the SEND Network is free to access after registration.

Accounts will be validated to ensure the network remains specialised and content stays relevant. Once your user profile is live, you will be able to access free content on the site.

Users can also access a premium option which grants further access to even more content, continuing professional development training videos as well as lectures from SEND professionals, including all the talks from the Tes SEND show.

In order to join, visit, click ‘register here’, enter your email address and enjoy all of the expertise on offer!

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