“The Language Skills List was a useful activity and made me think about the things I should be looking out for in the classroom. It will be a useful discussion tool for further conversations with our Speech and Language TA at school.”

“I enjoyed completing this lesson. Completing the check list determining where children are working within the different areas of speech was interesting. I had previously identified some concerns with individual children, but the results of the checklist were still surprising; in general, there needs to be a greater learning focus on speech and language.”

Evidence shows that one of the best ways to boost children’s language skills. And in turn their attainment, is by ensuring that school staff are knowledgeable and confident in supporting children’s language and communication skills. Children who are learning within an inclusive communication friendly classroom make the most progress and staff who have an understanding of speech and language development are able to promote these skills for all children. They are better able to identify when children may be having difficulties, reducing the risk of children falling through the gaps without support.

Staff training is an investment in the future of all the children that you are working with. The Link CPD online course has been written by experienced speech and language therapists, with the content and delivery created specifically with school staff in mind.

The Link CPD Content

Introduction to Speech and Language Module

Our introductory module underpins the learning for all further modules by ensuring staff can understand and use key terminology needed to support children with SLCN. An awareness of typical speech and language development enables staff to promote the speech, language and communication development of all children they are working with, and to better identify children who may be at risk of SLCN. The course enables staff to feel confident in developing an inclusive communication friendly environment for the children that they work with. This is the best way to boost children’s language skills, and in turn their academic attainment.

Costs £90+VAT per person.

*(Discount available for schools subscribing to Speech Link or Language Link)

Language Intervention Module

Building on our introductory module, our Language Intervention module enables staff to embed language interventions into the contexts that they are working in. Staff will develop their ability to use evidence-based strategies to develop children’s understanding of language and their talking, in turn supporting their ability to access their learning. Staff will increase their skills in delivering language interventions to pupils both within the classroom and in group sessions. The course supports their ability to plan and deliver these sessions, and to monitor and measure children’s progress.

Costs £90+VAT per person.

*Discount available for schools subscribing to Speech Link or Language Link

The Delivery

– Complete the learning at a time and place that works for you

– The training utilises a blended learning approach, with an introductory webinar, information videos, interactive activities and assignments, to suit all types of learners

– Assignments enable you to apply what you have learned to real practice

– With a speech and language therapist assigned to each group of learners, you will receive individualised support and feedback, tailored to the context and children that you are working with

*Schools that subscribe to Speech Link or Language Link will be able to purchase each module at the discounted price of £80+VAT per person.

The Link CPD modules aim to provide staff with the confidence and skills to support the many children whose language difficulties can be resolved within school, reducing the need for more specialist support. We will be launching these first two modules with term, with further modules targeting speech and social communication, released in the future.

To find out more about The Link CPD and to register your interest, go to: speechandlanguage.info/CPD

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