Language Delay by Numbers

In the last year the importance of early language development has come into sharp focus. The link between environment in early childhood and language development is well established. Here are a few uncomfortable numbers.

  • 40% of the poorest boys in England start school without the language skills needed to learn. (Read On Get On campaign.)
  • 25% of children start school unable to communicate at the level expected for their age. (Early Intervention Foundation Report.)
  • 7 years is the gap between the best and worst 10 year old readers in England. (Read On Get On campaign.)
  • 1 in 3 children growing up in poverty have delayed language development. (ICan)
  • 15 months – If you lag behind by more than 15months when you start school you are unlikely to be able to catch up.
  • 8 million fewer words heard a year by children living in social disadvantage. (Early Language Delays in the UK)


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