Toxic Childhood: How the modern world is damaging our children and what we can do about it. Sue Palmer 2007

We often recommend this book in our training sessions. In case you have not come across it before, this debate-provoking book discusses how cultural change is affecting the development of children. Palmer, a former headteacher and literacy expert, has researched a range of areas that may impact on the children of today, such as diet, sleep deprivation and the rise in modern technology. Palmer argues that although adults may be benefiting from rapid changes in technology and culture, children may be suffering as a result. She offers simple adjustments which we as adults can make to attempt to ‘detoxify’ the lives of our children. Look out for Sue’s follow-up book, Detoxing Childhood: What Parents Need to Know to Raise Bright, Balanced Children (2008).

Reception Baseline Assessment

This new assessment will be compulsory for all schools from September 2016. Speech Link Multimedia Ltd is working to produce a language-focussed online assessment that will also test the core skills of literacy and numeracy. Look online at to find out more about the new Reception Baseline Assessment and what it means for your school.

Did you know…?

  • Neuroscience and brain imaging have revealed ‘profound differences’ between bilingual and monolingual brains. Bilingual brains show more activity and linking across neural pathways.
  • A recent study has found that teaching vocabulary using specific vocabulary skills strategies, such as ‘talking around the word’ had a significant effect on the word learning of their pupils. Strategies used included using semantic, phonological and kinaesthetic prompts. St John & Vance, 2014.

Nasen SEND Gateway

The SEND Gateway was launched in May 2014. This online portal provides education professionals with free high quality information, resources and training surrounding SEN. It was developed by Nasen, who aim to develop a comprehensive bank of resources for identifying and supporting pupils. The website will be constantly updated with the latest tools and resources. Schools will be able to contribute too, by adding examples of good practice, case studies and materials. tes special educational needs show Speech Link Multimedia Ltd is exhibiting at TES Special Needs on 10/11 October 2014. Do come and say hello at stand 167 if you’re visiting.

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd is exhibiting at TES Special Needs on 10/11 October 2014. Do come and say hello at stand 167 if you’re visiting.

Language Link and/or Speech Link are used by over 3000 schools in the UK and internationally.

‘Language in the Classroom’ CPD workshops will be held in Spring 2015 around the country. Limited FREE places for schools that buy 3 primary packages. To find out more and to register your interest, look online at The Link Online.

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