We have been working on a Parent Portal so that parents have a wealth of free resources and activities to enable them to support their children, at home, on specific areas of SLCN. We were due to launch this site later this year, but with the advent of schools closing, we have brought this forward in order to support families now.

The site has information about why speech, language and communication skills are so important, and how parents can support them.

At home during everyday activities…

…and with specific speech and language activities designed for all ages from Reception up to Year 8.

Add our Parent Portal to your school’s home learning area to enable parents to access the FREE resources.

Visit: www.speechandlanguage.info/parents

FREE Speech and language support: Podcasts, videos, games, blogs.

Please share with parents connected to your school or setting.

Free resources to download and print. Select from our award-winning packages for parents to use, at home, with children who have SLCN.

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