Speech & Language Link visit Llandudno for the National Education Show

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26 June 2024

Speech and Language Link

We were thrilled to visit Llandudno last week for the National Education Show. Our team at the Speech & Language Link stand included Natalie Strong, a specialist speech and language therapist; Claire Chambers, editor of The Link magazines; and Nancy Hamling, events and marketing executive. We were excited to share our brand-new issue of The Link Primary magazine, giving away over 300 copies to attendees who were all excited about signing up to The Link Community.  You can sign up to be part of The Link Community for FREE here.

The NES team organized engaging and informative sessions on Alternative Learning Needs (ALN). Highlights included ‘Working Effectively with Your TA’ by Sara Alston and ‘Effective Classroom Strategies for Neurodiverse Children and Young People’ by Colin Foley.

We loved speaking to all the delegates from North Wales and are looking forward to meeting those of you coming to NES Cardiff in October.

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