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3 December 2021

Speech and Language Link

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd is pleased to announce that it is partnering the Stockport NHS Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service and the Stockport NHS Charity to deliver Speech Link to over 80 primary schools. The Charity-funded package will provide the schools with a year’s free subscription to the Speech Link package. The schools will be able to use this to assess all 4-8 year-olds in their provisions.

Speech Link is used to identify and support children with developmental speech sound difficulties. Launched in 2003, it is used widely throughout the UK to help schools decide who needs to be seen by a Speech and Language Therapist and those at risk of literacy difficulties. Speech Link helps demystify speech work and helps support staff to work effectively with children’s common speech sound errors.

For more information, please contact Judith McMillan at or phone 0333 577 0784.

About Speech Link Multimedia Ltd

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd develops innovative and award-winning support packages for children with SLCN. We bring Speech and Language Therapy knowledge and expertise to every school to help all children aged 4-14 reach their full communication potential. With our assessments and interventions, all school staff can identify and support all children with speech, language and communication needs appropriately so no child is left behind at school or in life through poor understanding of language. For more information go here.

About the Stockport NHS Charity

The Stockport NHS Charity exists to improve the health and wellbeing of patients by delivering services above and beyond ordinary standards. It supports staff and services in both the hospital and the community. For more information see Our Charity – Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.

About the Stockport NHS Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service

The Stockport NHS Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service provides specialist support and training to help children develop their speech, language and communication skills along with parents/carers, education settings and family support teams. If you want to support your child to develop their speech and language skills have a look at the ideas on Stockport Start Well website. For more information about the service please see here.

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