A new and improved Secondary Language Link

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12 August 2021

Speech and Language Link

Exciting changes are afoot for Secondary Language Link and subscribers can expect a host of new interventions and features, from September 2021, including:

  • A revised and updated site with improved navigation for an easier and more intuitive user experience.
  • A greater onus on student support, accountability, and involvement, with new documents to support students to track their own strengths and needs, and to carryover new language skills for functional use.
  • Updated session plans, improved user experience and support for Talk Fitness.
  • 4 New immersive intervention groups.  These 8-week themed language groups work on language and pragmatic areas assessed in the Secondary Language Link Assessment.  Each follows a story or scenario and is presented by a Speech and Language Therapist in videos, with ‘escape room’ styled language tasks.  Students take control of their learning in the groups by choosing which session they tackle and working as a team to problem solve whilst learning new language concepts.  Taking on the role of a headteacher for the day, an elite rescue team, a group of backpackers, a SWAT team, or detectives, it’s an opportunity for students to use their imaginations!
  • A more extensive range of classroom resources will be available to enable students to access learning within the classroom, including subject specific examples.
  • Secondary Language Link will be including additional information about the outcomes of the Secondary Language Link assessment, with in-depth data, graphs and information about individual students’ strengths and needs.  This information can also be viewed for class or year groups.
  • easy to administer pre- and post- intervention measures to track pupil progress within interventions.
Year Group Targeted Language Group Name
7 Aim High
7 Theft at Cipher Mansion
7 Talk Fitness – Level 1
8 Ape Escape
8 Talk Fitness – Level 2
9 Survive
TBD The Heist


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