We have been shortlisted for the ‘Nasen Innovation Award for Technology.’

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16 November 2020

Speech and Language Link

Infant Language Link was pleased to be shortlisted this year for the ‘Nasen Innovation Award for Technology’. Infant Language Link, which was released in 2009, enables schools to identify and support hidden SLCN through online assessments, interventions, training, resources and specialist SaLT support.

In this time of COVID-19 disruption, schools are turning ever more to our innovative approach of online delivery of assessments, interventions and resources. School staff use our packages within their blended curriculum to save time and benefit from ongoing specialist support as they focus on the increasing numbers of pupils who need extra support for SLCN.

We applaud the winner, Derwent College, for their ‘Digital Support Work’ project. Project ‘Support Work’, started in 2018, develops easy-to-use apps on the Laravel Novel admin panel, to guide students in their employment skills and promote learning and achievement.

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