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28 July 2020

Speech and Language Link

Here at Speech Link Multimedia Ltd we believe that education is fundamental, from primary school to university. We believe that furthering students’ education is key, therefore we reach out to support our local students with their studies.

This year we sponsored The Best Final Year Project with a Therapeutic Application at the University of Kent. We are proud to award this year’s winners, Ellie Barratt and Alex Newson, for their final year project. Here are some great words from Ellie about their award:

“My project partner Alex and I are hugely grateful to Speech Link Multimedia Ltd for sponsoring and awarding the Prize for the Best Final Year Project with a Therapeutic Application to our project which was titled, “Present.”. Our project was a website built as a result of critical examination of the ways in which the leading applications deliver mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy (MBSRT) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) principles. We were able to examine some key areas in which the leading applications did not provide an accessible enough platform for some groups of users, and through research into user experience best practice and real user testing, we were able to build a website that evidenced how these issues could be overcome. Our aim was to evidence ways in which mindfulness-based therapies could be more widely accessed by users with a variety of sensory and neurodivergent needs.”

Alex is heading off to study a postgraduate Masters in Human Computer Interaction at the University of the Arts London and I currently work as part of a research team at a successful design agency in Kent.”

Ellie has just graduated with first-class honours in Digital Arts (with a Year in Industry) – BA (Hons), and Alex has graduated with first class honours in Multimedia Technology and Design (with a Year in Industry) – BSc (Hons).

Congratulations to you both.

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