I should be…

  • Understanding between 200 and 500 words!
  • Understand the names of lots of objects and can point to them when asked.
  • Understanding some short phrases (E.g. “shoes on”).
  • Beginning to understand some simple instructions containing 2 parts (like ‘put the spoon in the cup’ – where there is a choice of objects for the underlined words).
  • Babbling away in pretend conversation, with rise and fall in my babbling.
  • Saying between 25 and 50 words.
  • Beginning to put words together (e.g. “all gone!” “more juice”).
  • Recognise environmental sounds e.g. plane, door bell, dog barking, toilet!
  • Starting to hear the difference between some sounds e.g. m, b, d.

Don’t worry if…

  • My words are hard to understand.
  • My sentences are very short.
  • I concentrate on my own game and ignore you when I am playing

Seek advice if…

  • I’m not understanding any familiar words.
  • I’m not turning my head when someone comes in a room or towards new noises.
  • I’m not making attempts a few words.