I should be…

  • Understand some instructions containing 4 parts (e.g. give big teddy the blue spoon) where there is a choice of objects for the underlined words.
  • Understanding and using lots of describing words relating to size, texture, position and order e.g. ‘big’, ‘soft’, ‘dry’, ‘in front’, ‘beside’, and ‘next’.
  • Understanding and answering ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘who’ questions confidently and beginning to follow some ‘why’ questions.
  • Understanding and talking about things that have happened in the past e.g. climbed, went.
  • Using sentences of 4-6 words in length.
  • Beginning to use ‘and’ and ‘because’ to link words and sentences
  • Use a range of negative words like ‘don’t’, ‘can’t’ and ‘haven’t
  • Beginning to refocus my attention when distracted with your help.
  • Concentrating for 4 minutes on my task
  • Recognising and enjoying the rhythm of language and the sounds of words e.g. six silly sausages.
  • Breaking words down into syllables e.g. bu tter.
  • Beginning to recognise some sounds at the beginning of words.

Don’t worry if…

  • I ask lots of odd ‘why’ questions.
  • I make a few speech sound errors.
  • I make grammatical errors in my talking, (e.g. Him no goed to the zoo) especially with pronouns (e.g. him and he) negatives (e.g. didn’t) and action words.
  • I still need help to focus my attention.

Seek advice if…

  • I am not following instructions with 3 parts.
  • I am not joining 3 – 4 words to make lots of sentences.
  • My talking is hard to understand when you don’t know the context.
  • I am not answering simple ‘who and ‘what’ questions.