I should be…

  • Starting to understand some familiar words, like ‘juice’ and ‘ball’.
  • Beginning to understand by using context (e.g. I know someone is going when they wave and say ‘bye bye’)
  • Understanding tone (the rise and fall in talking) in questions (e.g. “where’s Daddy?”)
  • Making sounds to get attention and show enjoyment
  • Pointing and pulling an adult towards what I want
  • Making babbling sounds for fun and sometimes to try and talk to others
  • Starting to use a few words and gestures meaningfully (e.g. “gone”, or I might raise my hands for “up”)
  • Listening to talking and enjoying the rhythm of people’s voice

Don’t worry if…

  • My words are unclear
  • I am easily distracted

Seek advice if…

  • I’m not understanding any familiar words
  • I’m not turning my head when someone comes in a room or towards new noises