I should be…

  • Understand all instructions containing 4 parts (e.g. give big teddy the blue spoon) where there is a choice of objects for the underlined words.
  • Beginning to understand sequence words like ‘first’ ‘next’ and ‘last’.
  • Understanding ‘when’ and ‘why’ questions.
  • Beginning to recognise some similarities and differences e.g. spot an odd one out and name things in groups (e.g. vegetables, sports..).
  • Asking if I do not know what a word means.
  • Linking lots of ideas together by using words like “but”, “so, “if” and “then”, as well as “and” and “because”.
  • Beginning to reason and can explain why something has happened.
  • Retelling stories in the right order.
  • Beginning to use pronouns like ‘them’, ‘him’, and ‘her’.
  • Able to listen to you and concentrate on my task easily.
  • Beginning to refocus my attention on a task when I get distracted without your help.
  • Recognising lots of sounds at the beginning of words.
  • Recognising if two words rhyme e.g. pat and cat rhyme but pat and pot don’t.

Don’t worry if…

  • I find it difficult to explain what I mean all the time.
  • It can be hard to follow my talking when I am talking about events that have happened. (e.g. I don’t give you all the important information)
  • I still make occasional speech sound errors.
  • I still need your help to refocus my attention after a distraction.

Seek advice if…

  • I am struggling to follow instructions, perhaps only completing one part but not the whole thing.
  • I am struggling to understand the order things happen in.
  • My talking is hard to understand when you don’t know the context.
  • I am struggling to ask and answer simple questions about a story or event.
  • I am unable to concentrate for more than two or three minutes on a task.