About Us

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd – the creator of Speech and Language Link – is a UK based company founded by two speech and language therapists and a web developer back in 2004. Since then, our team has grown to over 30 and we continue to develop innovative award-winning assessment and intervention programmes for children with speech, language and communication needs.

Support for Schools

Speech Link and Language Link, our innovative and award-winning support and training packages, are established in 4,000 schools in the UK and internationally.

Written by speech and language therapists, our online packages combine standardised assessments, evidence-based interventions with measured outcomes and over 500 resources for teachers and parents. This specialist knowledge provides clear advice for teachers when deciding whether a child needs to be seen by a speech and language therapist or supported with a programme in class, ensuring no child from 4-14 years is missed or misdiagnosed. And that’s not all! Our dedicated Help Desk of therapists, teachers and teaching assistants gives schools unlimited support every step of the way.

Ask your child’s school to book a free trial to find out how they can best support your child’s speech and language needs in the classroom.

Speech Link

Our speech sound programmes support children whose speech is hard to understand. Improve listening skills and get children literacy ready. corner image

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Infant Language Link

Universal language screening and support for children aged 4-7 years. Use our planned intervention groups and classroom strategies to boost language and literacy skills for all children in year R and beyond. corner image

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Junior Language Link

Universal language screening and intervention for children aged 7-11 years. Use the standardised assessment to identify those at risk of underperformance or behaviour difficulties. corner image

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Secondary Language Link

Boost your students ’ attainment and life chances with this unique online assessment and training tool suitable for students aged 11-14 years. corner image

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