I should be…

  • Understanding most language and ideas including complex concepts like ‘facing’ and ‘third from left’.
  • Selecting information which is relevant for text or conversation.
  • Reading ‘between the lines’ and inferring meaning (e.g. “I don’t want to hear a noise” means “I want everyone to be quiet”).
  • Understand complex sentences with conditions including words like ‘unless’, ‘except’ and ‘but not if’.
  • Understanding how the world works to help me make sense and solve problems.
  • Expressing myself clearly using a sequence that makes sense (e.g. explaining the rules of a game).
  • Using words like ‘before’, ‘so’ and ‘also’ to join sentences in my talking and writing.
  • Starting to use a wider range of verbs (action words) and to express thoughts, opinions and ideas (e.g. “I think that’s a bad idea” “I wonder what will happen if…”).
  • I can explain my reasoning confidently saying how I have worked things out.

Don’t worry if…

  • I still ask for clarification of common sayings e.g. ‘You better pull your socks up if you want to go..
  • I sometimes take things at face value and don’t read between the lines.
  • I make occasional mistakes when sentences are long and involve complex concepts with conditions e.g. ‘unless you need a text book, don’t go to the library’
  • I still need some help to explain my thinking.

Seek advice if…

  • I am still struggling to follow instructions in order, confusing before and after.
  • I am still making lots of grammatical errors in my talking.
  • I find it hard to explain how I have worked things out.
  • I find it hard to be an equal partner in conversation preferring to talk about my topics and changing the subject frequently.
  • If I am not joining sentences together in my talking using words like ‘if’, and ‘or’.